Back to school… and college!

By Sarah Levannier - September 15, 2013

My time in southern France has finally come to an end. I really enjoyed spending time with my parents and especially cooking with my Mom. We baked bread, cheesecakes, pies with our garden fruits and so on. We also had a lot of fun cooking dishes for lunch or dinner together.

A church in the french Pyrénées
Les Pyrénées
La mer in Argelès

I enjoyed as well the time I spent with my little sister who was always ready to pose for me. She is the person one photographs is delighted to shoot! She’s always smiling or making faces. Anytime, any moment, she’s always pleased to be your model. And you can make her do whatever you want to: jump, lie down, be sad, be happy, eat an apple, play in the garden, pretend you’re not around… She’s the perfect model, and she is really cute! And pretty.

So back in early September, I came back in western France where I live and study law. It was a bit hard to leave my home in Toulouse, a place where I could enjoy fresh products, local farms and wonderful places to shoot. But all good things come to an end. So here I am in Nantes, ready for a new college year as a senior. Since I live with my uncle and my aunt, I cook for them as well. The traditional dish I cook are often risotto and salads. And the traditional pastries are cookies and cheesecakes. So in a week, I had the occasion to bake both!

Sunset in Nantes

I love baking cookies. I use the basic dough and then add in all the ingredients I get my hands on. This time, it was a jar of too cooked cherry jam and some white chocolate forgotten in the cupboard. They made delicious cherry cookies. I like to pack one with me when I’m going to school. Or when I come back home from a long day at college, I enjoy one with a fig and a glass of milk. Cookies make me feel better. They never taste the same and I like the smile they put on everybody in the family. Somehow, baking is a way for me to forget the pain I had when leaving my family.

Cookie dough recipe:

-       200 g/7 ounces butter
-       350 g/ 12 ounces flour
-       100g/ 3,5 ounces sugar
-       2 tbs honey
-       1 egg
-       1 pack baking powder
-       200g/ 7 ounces chocolate
-       150g/ 5 ounces corn flakes
-       Raisins, oat flakes, dried fruits… according to taste

Preheat the oven at 160°C or 350°F.

Melt the butter in a jar and bat it with the egg, the baking powder, the honey and the sugar.

Add in the flour and mix until the dough is homogenous.

Cut the chocolate in irregular bits and add it to the dough.

Add the corn flakes and the other ingredients to the dough.

Make tiny cookies on a baking trail and bake them for about 15 minutes. Lay them on a cooking grid until they have completely cooled down. Store them in a metal box and enjoy them!

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