I baked meringues with my sister

By Sarah Levannier - August 15, 2013

I desperately tried to cook macaroons during summer time. But I guess the weather wasn't really in my favor! I always failed at having that little ring which makes them as beautiful to watch as good to eat! But at least, they made good crackers to enjoy with coffee after lunch. 

My parents have decided to rent an apartment by the sea. That means we will be away for a week and thus, that the fridge has to be empty when we leave home. This way, I cooked a peach cake with my sister and french meringues! We had two egg whites waiting in the fridge and since I couldn't manage to cook macaroons, I decided to bake french meringues. 

My sister helped me, of course! She's so cute and so interested in baking! That's really funny and nice. We spent a couple hours making them. I would lay hem down on the baking sheet while she would decorate them with pink sugar pearls and chocolate and sugar bits. We baked them and stocked them in an iron box and brought them with us. 

After that, I shot the meringues and also shot a few pictures of my sister in our garden. Then we spent the rest of our day next to the pool, jumping in the water, swimming and laughing. It was a nice and lovely day, full of sun and good memories to relate. 

Back to the beach, we share the apartment with a couple of friends and their 8 year old daughter just loved the meringues, as well as her father. I like cooking in these moments because it makes people happy. Cooking makes me happy whenever I can please someone with my dishes.

French Meringues

2 egg whites
4,4 ounces sugar
Chocolate and sugar decorations

Beat the egg whites until stiff. Add the sugar little by little, still beating the egg whites. 

Lay the meringues down on a baking sheet and decorate them to your taste.

Preheat the oven at 212°F (100°C). When hot, bake the meringue for an hour and a half. 

Let them cool down and enjoy them with a cup of coffee or use them to decorate a dessert!

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