Le goûter des enfants

By Sarah Levannier - March 26, 2014

French kids really enjoy nutella on a slice of fresh bread but homemade chocolate spread tastes 200 times better!

I was inspired to give this recipe a French title. I know Nutella is far from being a French specialty but every kid in France know about it and well, just loves it. It’s one of the most common thing we eat when coming back from school at 5pm. Because in France, we have diner at around 8 pm. So kids (and grown ups too!!) often have to snack between lunch and diner. And a slice of bread with chocolate or Nutella and a glass of fresh milk is usually what’s being eaten here.

I used to love Nutella too, but I have to admit that just reading the ingredients list on the back of the jar has frightened me a lot. Moreover, I tend to think it’s a bit too sweet and too fat.

It doesn’t mean that I dislike the association of chocolate and hazelnuts. On the contrary. It’s probably one of my favorite ones. Bakers in France are full of great idea to invent flavored chocolate spread. A member of my family had once told me about Christophe Michalak's one.

So I thought why not try it. And I did it. And I should never have! Trust me, it’s probably the most delicious thing you’d want to have as a snack when coming back from school. And it’s gluten free. This hazelnut and chocolate spread has everything to look forward to!! Just take a spoon and you won’t be able to get yourself out of the jar. So I clearly advise you to hide it if you don’t want to ruin all the efforts you made to have that bikini body ready for summer time!

How long will you resist the temptation to taste it ?

Ingredients for a big jar:

-        270 g Hazelnut
-        150 g powdered sugar
-        120 g granulated sugar
-        150 g milk or dark chocolate
-        10 g unsweetened cocoa powder
-        10 g oil
-        3 g salt

1.     Preheat your oven to 350°F.
2.     Place the hazelnuts on a baking sheet and roast them for 25 minutes or until they become dark brown, almost black
3.     Let the hazelnuts cool down and wrap them in a clean kitchen towel to remove the skin.
4.     Line a baking sheet with foil
5.     In a saucepan, prepare a caramel: bring the granulated sugar over a boil. Don’t stir too much, just enough to make sure all the sugar is melting and is being turned into a caramel. Add half of the salt in the end. Stop the caramel when it’s brown.
6.     Immediately pour the caramel onto the lined baking sheet. Tilt the sheet to spread the caramel as thinly as possible. Let harden completely (about 15 minutes).
7.     Break the cooled caramel into pieces.
8.     In a food processor, grind 120 g of hazelnuts with the caramel until you get a homogeneous paste. Set it apart.
9.     Grind the rest of the hazelnuts with the icing sugar in a food processor, until you obtain a smooth hazelnut paste.
10.  Place the chocolate in a medium bowl. Set the bowl over a large saucepan of simmering water. Stir often until the chocolate is melted.  Remove the bowl from over the saucepan and pour the melted chocolate in the hazelnut paste. Mix the ingredients together: you have just made a gianduja.
11.  Add to the gianduja the first hazelnut mix (hazelnut and caramel). Grind the whole thing until you have a homogeneous paste. Add the oil, the rest of the salt and the unsweetened cocoa powder. Keep grinding until you obtain the texture wished.

You can keep it in the fridge and eat it on a slice of your favorite bread for snack time.  

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