Chocolate and other flavors macarons

By Sarah Levannier - August 17, 2014

Time flies and summer is almost already over. It was a very productive summer for me. I haven’t been too active on the blog because I was working on other projects. First of all, I signed a contract with StockFood and I had to work super hard to give them the amount of pictures required. They have accepted some of them and soon, I promise you a link to my portfolio so that you can see the final result of so many days of hard work.

Another project I started working on was a vlog. I wanted to begin making short videos on my cooking projects and on step by step recipes. These French macarons are my very first video. There are many flaws but I wanted to share it with you. I really have to improve myself at filming and editing videos but I was so excited about the final result that I wanted to share it. It was pretty hard since I was alone to do the whole thing. I had to use my tripod and it was quite hard to frame perfectly, let alone getting rid of that ‘auto focus mode’ which kept bothering me.

But finally, I got it, I got my video. I worked on it for almost a whole week but it truly was worth it. It was hard but I had so much fun doing it that I am ready to it again. I won’t be making videos for each of my posts, but I’ll try to make as many as I can.

Now, onto the food subject : the chocolate macarons. Thank God, macarons are naturally gluten free so I didn’t have to go through hours of searching a gluten free alternative! I made three batches of them since I had tons of egg whites left (from making my chocolate crème). I focused on the chocolate ones for the video and in this post, but I also made some coconut and grapes ones, as well as some raspberry ones.

Now, here is the video. The recipe will be down bellow.

Makes 40 small macarons (80 shells):

-        175 g almond flour
-        240 g icing sugar
-        140 g egg whites
-        80 g granulated sugar
-        2 TbS unsweetened cacao

1.     Mix together the almond flour and icing sugar. You can grind this mix if the almonds flour is not thin enough.
2.     Beat the egg whites in a separate bowl. When they are firm enough, add the granulated sugar. Keep on beating for 2 minutes. You just made a French meringue.
3.     Sift the almond and icing sugar mix, add the unsweetened cacao and combine the dried ingredients to the egg whites. Mix gently, always bringing the egg whites over the almond and icing sugar mix. If you are not gentle enough, you may “break” the egg whites and this would ruin your macarons.
4.     Poor the batter into a pastry bag and lay some shells on a baking trail, lined with parchment paper.
5.     Let rest for about 20 minutes in a dried place.
6.     Heat your oven at 350°F (180°C). When it is ready, lower the temperature to 300° F (150°C) and bake for 13 minutes.
7.     Let your shells cool and fill them with some homemade nutella.

8.     Wait 24 to 48 hours before eating them (if you can…).

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