Warm as a chili con carne

By Sarah Levannier - July 11, 2014

I have been dreaming of a chili for the past days. Because of my stomach problems (I have acid reflux, which does not allow me to have anything spicy), I thought eating spicy dishes and delicious Mexican foods were part of the past. However, after trying many treatments against this problem, I simply decided to stop them all since none of them would work. That is when I noticed that I could deal with the pain and that only avoiding the forbidden foods made a little difference. 

I was craving chili con carne so bad that I decided to cook one. I remember loving a taste in chili but I could never really identify it since I was never cooking chili. This time, I decided to cook it and, following the advice of my Mother, I added a lot of cumin. And this actually was the strong taste I was missing. 

So I cooked my chili, not adding too much pepper and Tabasco, but a LOT of cumin and it made all the difference. So yes, spicy does not mean setting your tongue on fire and can be well matched with everyone's taste. Some will automatically say that a chili that is not hot is not a real chili. But cooking, to me, means making dishes accessible to anyone's palate. My chili met this criteria and became another "must cook" at home. 

As for the recipe, I wanted to try something different : I used some pictures on which I wrote the ingredients and the steps. I hope you like them... 

Serves 4 : 

You will need: 

- 1 pound beef meat
- 4 large tomatoes
- 1 large red or green pepper
- 7 Oz kidney beans
- 3,5 Oz corn
- 3,5 Oz cheddar cheese 
- 2 Spring onions
- Herbs and spices to your taste

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