Quirky details of Paris

By Sarah Levannier - July 10, 2013

As we just left Paris, I can now take a step back to analyze my short trip in the french capital city. I'm not a great big fond of Paris because I always find it too crowded. I hate it when you can't walk as fast as you wish or when someone is pushing you for no reason. However, Going with my Dad in Paris often means walking in the narrow streets of Paris. These streets are often deprived from any tourist attraction and are the ones in which you can truly experience Paris life.

Notre dame

I also found that looking at Paris with your eyes up can make you see a city in which you've been many times  with a total new look on it. I enjoyed visiting Paris this way. I figured how green that city may be. 

I tried to find the quirky details of Paris. I wanted to put myself in the shoes of a someone who was there for the first time, who was not even french and who would be amazed by any details across its way. 

A gas pump in the middle of a street

Finally, what do we remember about Paris? I wonder. Is it the house with a giant candy statute in the garden? Or is it the little french details which make it so different? 

The Champs Elysée "vus d'en bas" (from the bottom)

Is it the joy I had to be there with my family? I have no answer. All I can finally say is that this trip in Paris made it a little different from the others. 

My father, my stepmother and my three brothers 

I'm also working on a Paris cookie which I'll share with you later. 

Bons baisers de Paris :-) And a few quirky pics to enjoy !

Family lock (putting a lock on the Pont des Amoureux is an activity usually enjoyed by lovers. However, we, as a family, wanted to enjoy it as well).

Typical french mailboxes
A strange thing
Bicycles are parked everywhere and nowhere in Paris
The front window of a typical french coffee

The dome of the Arc de Triomphe

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