A day with friends

By Sarah Levannier - July 03, 2013

I arrived in Paris yesterday to meet my father. He arrived on Friday morning from America. I promise you more pictures as soon as possible. Paris is a very nice city. Not only because of its beautiful buildings and because of the atmosphere in the town but because part of my family lives there. And that's probably one thing which makes Paris special. 

So today, for my first day, we were invited to have lunch with some old friends of the family. They have an amazing garden and a small pound with gold fish! We were lucky to have a beautiful weather. The sun enlighten our lunch until 4 pm. Rain was to come but it never showed up. 

Summer struggles to settle down this year. So each day with a beautiful sun and a cloudless sky is even more valuable than any other day. I guess people tend to enjoy it a lot more. Sun puts smiles on every mouth across its way. That's why I love it. 

A glimpse of the garden where we had lunch

We started our lunch with a very french aperitif : chips, nuts and "petits fours". We had Pineau des Charentes for a drink, some delicious french alcohol. We spent a lot of time around this pre-diner in the garden, talking together, telling stories of changes that had happened during the past year… 

Then we had lunch in the patio. The temperature was perfect : not too hot, not too cold. We enjoyed a simple but delicious starter: melon. The fruits were excellent, juicy and sweet. 
Then we had a "plat unique" (sole dish) made of eggplants, tomatoes, onions, veal and garlic. It was perfumed with herbs from the garden and a bit of olive oil. 
Simple but delicious.

Then, as a french lunch, we, of course, had salad and cheese. 

And to seal this lunch, we had chocolate mousse and a peach pie. Both homemade, of course, and wonderfully good. 

We talked a lot today, around a table, with a cup of coffee and some good old friends. These days when you do nothing but eat and talk may look like some lost days to some people and indeed they are. But socializing wouldn't exist if no one took time to see friends and talk to them and share good memories with them. Finally, even though I hate losing my time, there's nothing I wouldn't do to skip these days. 

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